Power Off

Let’s pretend.

The power is off. All power. Everywhere. Indefinitely. Maybe forever.

No lights, no heat, no phone. Cell towers are not transmitting. Electronic communication of any kind has stopped.

Travel is also at a standstill. Batteries are dead. The car in your driveway is useless. Banks are closed and ATMs don’t work. The cash you have in your wallet is all there is. Not that there is anywhere to spend it anyway. You can’t get to work and it’s doubtful that your place of employment is in even in operation. Fresh produce, meat, and frozen goods begin to spoil and garbage piles up because there is no weekly pick-up. You can cook on your outdoor grill until you run out of propane, but after that you start eyeing your neighbour’s trees, estimating how much firewood they’d yield.

And it’s quiet. So very quiet.

Kind of sobering to realize how dependent we are on power.

This is a story idea.

Write it, or not?



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11 responses to “Power Off

  1. Sounds dystopian, I like it. Write on!

  2. Ooo! I think you should definitely write it!

  3. Sarita

    Write it! I love the premise, Wendy.

  4. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    That’s exactly what happened after a bad hurricane. I guess I better write the story now. Thanks.

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