Plastic People

I read a news article the other day about a transgender woman competing in the Miss Universe Canada Pageant. While this is disturbing on many levels, it’s not for me to judge the right or wrong of this young person’s decision to undergo a sex change. I am not God. And He doesn’t love me any more than He loves her.

One of the issues here is that we’ve lost sight of what real beauty is. Our benchmark has been set with Hollywood in mind, and unless there has been cosmetic surgery involved to tweak the flaws, we’re conditioned to reject it as substandard. We see physical perfection on the big screen, on our televisions, in magazines and advertisements. Doesn’t matter that photoshop, makeup, and a surgeon’s knife have created these plastic people.

Kudos to the actors, models, high profiles, and all who have refused to succumb to the deception.

Yeah, I’m on a rant. Reading the article about the transgender beauty queen hopeful got me going. Not because she was born a male and decided to change that (a topic for another day), but because pageants like these are setting a standard. If you haven’t been “sculpted”, don’t bother trying out. Now there’s a message for all the little girls out there who ever dreamed of being Miss Canada. Of course, the whole idea of the beauty pageant thing is another issue altogether.

One has to wonder how far we, who were created in God’s image, must go before we’re not God’s image anymore.

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  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    That last sentence made me smile.

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