The Coffee Shop Adventure

I am about to embark upon a new adventure. I want to tell you about it, but you have to promise not to roll your eyes, laugh behind my back, or talk about me when you think I can’t hear you. Okay? Thanks.

I am the new manager of our neighbourhood coffee shop.

Yes, it’s true. Really. And I’m pretty sure I heard some chuckling out there, so stop it!

Several weeks ago, the owner of the business (who I’d come to know during my bookstore days) approached me to ask if I’d consider managing on a part time basis. We discussed the expectations and the challenges, and I decided this just might be a good fit for me. I get to boss people around (you’re allowed to laugh now) and I’ve been granted a significant amount of flexibility to implement new ideas.

We like new ideas.

I know, I know. This is very different from anything I’ve ever done before. It’s a far cry from my 30+ years in the banking industry where I did everything from clerical work to management, projects and national consulting. I also cannot compare this to my beloved bookstore which, by the way, is now a dance studio right next door to said coffee shop. And writing? Well . . . I expect there will be ample fodder for future story scenarios churned out from this little venture.

I am excited about seeing lots of familiar faces, meeting a bunch of new ones, and working with an absolutely terrific staff. The fun factor is pretty high! Of course, I’ll have to learn to create a great mocha, the perfect latte, and an exceptional espresso, but they tell me there’s nothing to it.

We’ll see.

So come on down to The Fireside Coffee and I’ll make you something special.

After I know what I’m doing.


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9 responses to “The Coffee Shop Adventure

  1. Anonymous

    With your friendly personality and exceptional managing skills it seems like a perfect fit to me! Enjoy this new adventure, Wendy 🙂

  2. You’ll learn how to make the perfect drinks in no time! 🙂

  3. Interesting new adventure, Wendy. You continue to surprise.
    Good luck in your new role. I’ll have to come out and see you.
    When do you start?

  4. Chris Jordan

    You’ve got a year to learn how to make a perfect latte… I just found out our next year’s pastor’s convention is going to be back in Surrey…

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