Kid Talk

We have seven grandchildren. Six of them are boys. We are destined to stock our toy closet with Hot Wheels and plastic dinosaurs instead of Barbie dolls and Polly Pockets. Oh well.

But these kids are smart, imaginative, and come up with the weirdest, funniest, most random things.

Emily, who is 10, asked her little brother Joshua if he knew what it meant when they said, “the sun never sets on the British Empire?” Josh wisely nodded his head, but Em proceeded to tell him anyway. He is quickly learning how to tune her out.

Josh told his mom that he drank all his water because she told him it was good for him. This apparently happened when he was little, he said,”I think I was like 6.” Mom told him, “You think you were little? You’re 6 now!” Josh answered, “Mom, I’m six and a half.” That half year thing makes such a difference to kids.

Reece, the five year old, informed his mother that he had teleported himself into his bunk at bedtime last night. Since mom didn’t hear the bed’s usual squeaks, she couldn’t dispute Reece’s explanation.

Caleb, who is 8, had this to say while in the car a few weeks ago. “Mom, did you know that if you took one hundred random people from around the world, only two of them would have red hair? I read that somewhere.” He is a wealth of interesting facts.

Nikolas, age almost 3, came to me during the church service at our home on Sunday evening and said, “Mama, I need a peanut butter and jam sandwich.” Bless his little heart. No concept of time or place. He just knew his tummy was hungry.

At this point, Elijah, who is 14 months old, doesn’t say too much, but he sure is cute when he dances around singing the Chuggington song in his little baby mutter. And Jairus, at 6 months old, is at the I-scream-loud-just-because-I’m-happy stage.

I love being a grandma!



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2 responses to “Kid Talk

  1. I Gramma to 7 boys–ages (almost) 3 to 10. All that unconditional love! It’s so great to be a gramma!

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