Call it Creativity

I am borrowing this quote from a fellow blogger – thanks, Thoughts on Theatre. George Balanchine (who was a choreographer, by the way) has captured my take on creativity.

I am not the creator. But the One who lives in me – God, the ultimate Creator – has given me the ability to assemble what He’s created into something unique. It’s only because of Him that I can do what I do. I am honored to take the credit on His behalf and then turn it back to Him with my praise and gratitude.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Every morning when I am in my prayer closet (the shower), I thank God for being such an awesome Creator. I also thank Him for creating me in His image, therefore giving me His creative nature. I thank Him for story ideas, for believable characters, for concise and entertaining dialogue, for cohesive plot lines. And you know what? God never fails to show up. If I am having a writers-blocky kind of day, it’s always me who hasn’t shown up. Not God. I am amazed at His patience with me.

So . . .

Today, now that my arm healed enough to allow me a bit of two-handed typing, I plan to show up and assemble a few things.

Oh yeah, about the stealing part in the quote. Think about it.



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