Say What?

The elements of surprise.

They catch us off guard and can throw us into a frenzy if we’re prone to frenzy-throwing. But those surprises can also be catalysts in the liberation process when it comes to writing. Sometimes it takes a good out-of-the-ordinary event to shake us out of our comfy little boxes and rattle our brains a bit to get at those juicy bits of creativity clinging for dear life in the nooks and crannies.

The unexpected.

Like the death of Davy Jones, my favorite Monkee. Like running into a good friend at Chapters on a Saturday afternoon. Like  finding a forgotten Lindt chocolate bar in my desk drawer. Like getting called in to work an hour before I have to be there. Like a bouquet of flowers from my oldest daughter. Like a grocery bill $50 under budget.

Small things maybe, but surprises nonetheless. And every single one of them has the potential to show up in a story somewhere.

I write them down.

Keep them.

Use them.


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2 responses to “Say What?

  1. I’m smiling, Wendy, and you know why.

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