Life in Abbreviations

I do not like abbreviations. Never have. Never will.

Our internet and mobile society has created a subculture of abbreviated communicators and it absolutely drives me bonkers. It was sort of okay when all we used was ASAP and RSVP, but now it’s just plain ridiculous. I get that it’s faster to key in a few letters rather than entire words. I understand the reasons. I really don’t care what they are.

We’re an endangered species, folks. We’re losing our ability to communicate.

Nothing creative about that.


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One response to “Life in Abbreviations

  1. Lol…your absolutely right. I have to phone my little sister so she can decipher her texts for me. Even with words I struggle to understand her…

    ( Btw that’s the first time I’ve ever written lol. Feels strangely liberating. Thanks)

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