Home Invasion

We’ve recently had a home invasion. Not the kind where a crime was committed, but one that’s left us feeling just as violated.

A house guest, someone we had reservations about allowing to stay with us in the first place, proved once again that the initial gut feeling is usually the right one. This guest was completely lacking in manners or social graces, and showed little respect for our home or hospitality. The sad part is that the guest had no idea.

You don’t expect to open your home to guests only to have them overrun the place and take advantage of you. The old “make yourself at home” phrase takes on new meaning when a guest actually does it. Thing is, we never said it to this guest. I could go on and on about the demands, the mess, the intrusion into personal space, and more, but I’ll leave just leave it all to your imagination. Suffice it to say that we won’t be having this guest in our home again. Ever.

Now I have go and clean up the aftermath.

Could there be a story here?



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