Real Imagination

I video Skype with two of my grandsons almost every day, even though we live in the same city. They are little guys – Nikolas is almost 3 and Elijah just turned 1 – so their imaginations haven’t had the brakes installed. I love “playing” with the boys via Skype because as far as they are concerned, I am right there in the room with them. I can tickle them (with a little help from their mommy), play peekaboo, pretend to eat their play food, read them a story, and blow them kisses. Nikolas will even beckon me to follow him when he goes to his room to show me a special toy or book. So mommy has to unplug her laptop and take me to Nik’s destination.

The author and physicist Arthur Clarke once said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. It’s really true. Our video communication, in Nikolas and Elijah’s minds, is magic – where imagination becomes reality.

The same thing happens when we write a story. We imagine people, places, events. When we put them all together, magic happens and they become reality in the minds of our readers. That’s what good fiction does. And we, the writers, are the ones who have the privilege of being the conduit of that process.

I don’t take my imagination for granted. It’s too important. I need that child-like ability to think and dream and plan.

I have a vision for the future.

I see what isn’t. Yet.


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2 responses to “Real Imagination

  1. Great job, Wendy. I like the way you incorporate everyday things or events (such as playing with your grandchildren via Skype) into the process of creating, and specifically, writing.
    I think you’ve hit on something. All writers need to be more like children to activate their imaginations and to play with words, the tools of our trade. And most of all? Have fun. That’s what writing should be about.
    I’m about to have fun now that I’ve returned from my dentist appointment.

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