Pure Enjoyment

This is my grandson, Elijah, enjoying his first birthday cake – a cupcake, actually, with green frosting. As I watched him dig into that multi-colored confection last night, I smiled at his determination to consume every last crumb. Didn’t matter that he had only four little teeth with which to chew. He was in it for pure enjoyment.

I thought about that.

When was the last time I sat down to write for pure enjoyment? Not thinking about how to twist the plot to create more tension, or tweak a character’s mannerisms to make her a little more or less evil, but just writing because it’s fun. Hmm . . .

I think today I may put aside the intensity and write something silly.

For pure enjoyment.

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  1. Wonderful post, Wendy. And a great reminder of why we want to be writers in the first place.
    So what new piece of writing did you end up working on, and did you rediscover the pure joy of writing doing it?

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