The Day of Hearts

I received this lovely card from my husband today. I won’t share what he wrote inside, but be assured that it was mushy and transparent enough to cause my heart to melt. Sigh. I do love that man!

We met when we were 18. He was in a serious relationship with my best friend and honestly, I couldn’t understand what she saw in him. But when said best friend dumped him a year later for the new boy in town, well, I felt sorry for the old guy and spent many hours listening to him pour out his broken heart. The inevitable happened. We fell in love. 37 years ago this month, he asked me to marry him and I said yes.

I’ve learned a few things about love since that day back in 1975. It isn’t always perfect or romantic or easy. It’s not all about walks in the park and candlelight dinners. Love is commitment. It’s putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own. It is sticking out the rough spots regardless of how uncomfortable it gets, and agreeing between you that there is no other option. Love is strengthened through struggles won. Love deepens when you give of yourself expecting nothing in return.

All these years have passed and my husband and I have now been married for two thirds of our lives. We hardly remember what it was like without each other. We laugh, we talk, and sometimes we just sit side by side without saying a word – the contentment of simply being together.

Husband is out of town on business this week, so there will be no romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant today. No worries. We don’t need Valentine’s Day to remind ourselves that our love is strong and enduring. And I’ve got a raincheck on the dinner.

Besides, I have a date with my five year old grandson at his kindergarten Grandparents’ Valentine Tea!


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2 responses to “The Day of Hearts

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  2. miq

    Beautiful words on love.

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