Writing With Ice

There are things you just have to have at your finger tips during a writing session. Your computer, a notebook and pen, research materials – all the usual stuff. Then there are the unusuals; the things that are unique to each writer. I’ll let you in on a few of mine.

Space heater. My desk is solid wood right to the floor on three sides which means that even though the room might be toasty warm, none of the heat goes under the desk. So I have a little space heater down there. I cannot think when my feet are cold. And I live in Canada, eh. It can get frosty.

Sunflower seeds. Or some other type of little thing to nibble on. I try to keep it healthy and relatively low-cal, especially since things got a little out of hand around Christmas with all the caramel popcorn twists and such.

Hand cream. An absolute must.

iPod. I don’t often listen to music while I write – I find it distracting. But there are times when I just need something in the background, so I have a good selection of classical music and instrumental worship music on my iPod. Anything else drives me nuts.

Window. I don’t know about you, but I MUST have a window. Going off into a daydream is much more interesting when you have a window.

Ice. The cube or crushed variety. I am a hard-core diet Coke drinker, and I have the perfect glass – big enough for a can of soda and a good amount of ice. When the Coke’s gone, I eat the ice. You wouldn’t believe how much inspiration comes when you have a big old chunk of ice in your mouth. And for those of you who are cringing at the thought of me crunching down on those cubes and wrecking my teeth, don’t worry. The key is to let them melt in your mouth.

Whatever your writing rituals may be, they’re yours and they work. Hopefully. If they don’t, try writing with ice.


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