How Bad Do You Want It?

We all want something. Might be a job or a car or to get married. Maybe it’s to land that perfect role, or to paint a masterpiece, or to write the greatest novel of all time. The question is: how bad do you want it?

We live in a fast-food society. We expect things to happen right now and if they don’t, we’re often angry and frustrated. This mindset carries over into our personal lives where we expect the same instant results. Few have learned the art of patience. Even when we want something so badly that we think we’re willing to do anything to get it, we give up before the finish. The sad part is that we could be so close to achieving it.

Do you want that something badly enough to go through pain to get it? Are you prepared to suffer the ridicule and jokes from the people around you who think you’re absolutely nuts to do what you’re doing? Will you persevere with your time and effort to see it through to completion? Is this something a dream that is big enough to be impossible?

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere.

God’s specialty is the impossible. When something is beyond your ability – and let’s face it; none of us can do everything – it’s the perfect job for God. Let Him do what He does best: be God. Press in. Push forward. As I said in a previous post, Never. Give. Up. You’ll never get what you want by being passive.

So how bad do you want it? The choice is always yours.

In the words of Yoda, “Do or do not . . . there is no try”.



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  1. Nice post thanks for sharring

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