The Emotional Women’s Conference

Warning: If you’re an avid women’s conference attendee, what I am about to say may have potential to offend you.

I want to address a subject that has bugged me for years: The Emotional Christian Women’s Conference. I know there isn’t actually a conference by that name, but the vast majority of women’s events might as well have the title. I used to attend them, and now I don’t. This is why:

1. They play on women’s emotions. Everything from the airy, “ooo-ing” praise and worship to the sobbing speakers on the stage sets the tone for every woman in the room to spend two or three whole days going through box after box of tissue to dry their tears, all in the name of spiritual release.

2. They cater to stay-home moms. I have yet to attend a Christian conference that gives more than passing recognition to women with full time careers.

3. They patronize women. I am not interested in hearing about how special I am, or that I am God’s princess, or that I am a precious jewel. Come on!

4. The teaching is fluffy. Everything is presented in a politically correct fashion.

5. Two days after the conference is over, women are back to their routines. They smile and think about how lovely everything was and how good it was to cry. But nothing prompted them to change.

I know I’ve exaggerated somewhat, but I think you can see where I am coming from. I am not going to waste my time on conferences like this.

My heart longs to see women rise up and cut the fluff so they can be who God has destined them to be. Where are the women who stand up and preach the Word like it is? Where are the mighty women of valor who create a Spirit-charged atmosphere around them? And where are the women who are not afraid to say the things that need to be said?

I want to be challenged. I want to hear from women who will look me in the eye and call me out on areas where I need to make adjustments. I want to be with other women who keep me accountable and don’t let up because they’re afraid to say something. I want to worship with women who understand the power of being in God’s presence. I want to pray with women who won’t just hold my hand and say empty words, but who will contend with me until there is breakthrough. Where is that women’s conference?

Come on, ladies! It’s time.

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  1. Rebecca

    Well my friend, if that isn’t what I’ve thought for years! Now I know why were are friends…true friends, REAL friends. 🙂 So…where is that conference? When do you want to get together? Just sayin….

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