Putting Procrastination Behind

I am a procrastinator by nature. Yes, I admit it. This is not a characteristic I like or even want, so in order to keep it under control I have to discipline myself to complete the to-do list. Every. Single. Day.

And how am I doing with that, you ask? Well, yesterday was not my star performance. I made a big mistake in confiding to one of my daughters that I was bored. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I sucked in my breath as if to take the words back, but it was too late. We always had this rule in our house: if you say you’re bored, you get to clean all the toilets in the house. Good thing the toilets needed cleaning yesterday. But my point is that despite my boredom, I had a whole lot of things to do that I just didn’t feel like doing.

Shame on me.

I read a quote this morning that caught my attention. “Covering laziness in prayer is not a spiritual discipline.” It was an eye-opener, because first of all, isn’t procrastinating just being lazy? And second of all, don’t we often tend to cop-out by praying about something instead of acting on it? We go to God in prayer – which is a good thing – and then walk away when we’re done, satisfied that we can say we prayed. Meanwhile, God is wondering when we’re going to get the hint that He’s required more than just our prayers. And we’re wondering why our prayers aren’t answered.

So I’m working on the whole procrastination thing. And I’m also working on the action list God’s has given me.

Maybe someone else will clean the toilets.

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