I heard a sermon recently that got me thinking. You know how it is when you hear something that just won’t leave you alone? Like when you have the same ridiculous song going through your head all and it’s not even one you like (i.e. These are the people in your neighbourhood . . . yup, a carryover from my kids’ Sesame Street days). Well, this sermon wasn’t like a ridiculous song. But it was like like the Holy Spirit saying I’m-not-going-to-leave-you-alone-until-you-get-this kind of thing. Here’s what I heard:

Jesus knows everything about me and loves me anyway.

That’s not a divine revelation for those who have been around Christian circles for any length of time. Or is it? Think for a minute. First, how many friends do you have that you can honestly say that about? I would venture to say that none of us would even have a friend that knows absolutely everything about us. And if they did know everything, would they see us the same way? Second, Jesus really does know everything and it doesn’t make any difference in His love for us. But here’s the best part:

Jesus knows every stupid thing I have ever done and ever will do, and He saved me anyway.

Now THAT is unconditional love.

He doesn’t withhold His love when I mess up. He doesn’t gossip about me to other people. He doesn’t yell at me when I fall down and need His help to get up. He doesn’t roll His eyes when I forget to do something He told me to do. And He always shows up, even if I don’t.

The unconditional love of Jesus Christ is free. It’s not based on my performance or my attitude or my appearance. He just loves me. Period. And He never changes His mind about that.


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  1. Beautiful essay, got the pleasure of reading

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