Listen to God. Do what He says.

We’re at the end of 2011.

The year had its ups and downs, no doubt about it. But was it an extraordinary year?

The answer to that question stops me in my tracks. Why? Because as good as it was, 2011 came and went without much fanfare in my life, and I am not satisfied to see a repeat performance in 2012. I told my son-in-law today that next year at this time, I want him to be able to look back and tell me how much I’ve changed and grown and accomplished for Jesus Christ. I don’t want to waste the gift of time.

So, if I were a New Year’s resolution maker, I would say this was mine: Listen to God. Do what He says. Sounds easy. Especially the listening part.

The doing part will make 2012 a pretty exciting journey.

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