Star-struck . . . ?

I don’t usually comment on the goings on of the rich and famous, but this week in the news has pretty much been the last straw. Front page – yes folks, FRONT PAGE news consists of Justin Bieber’s alleged child, the end of Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage (the August wedding cost $18 million), Lindsay Lohan’s day in court, who killed Michael Jackson, and so on. What?!?!?!?

I am appalled at what the world has become. I can only imagine what God must think. I know He’s not surprised, and He knew it would come to this. But it must hurt Him just the same.
We live in a society where every reference to the Christian faith is mocked, shot down, or done away with. The alternative is anything and everything else. My mother asked me the other day what I thought would happen if Christians would set up tents in front of the  Art Gallery to “Occupy Vancouver”. They’d be evicted immediately, of course, and you can be sure charges would be laid. Instead, we have several hundred people camped out there, protesting a vague and obscure “cause”, and even City Council won’t stand up to clear them out. For shame.
So, in a world of star-struck frenzy, bogus causes, and wimpy leadership, I am so thankful to serve a living God who is the ONLY one worthy of our worship and praise.

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