Drawing the Line

This past week, several events have occurred in my little world that give me pause. I’ve had to think deeply and pray fervently.

Without going into detail, I will simply say that these events cause me to wonder about where to draw the line between what I know God says in His Word and what close friends and family believe is right.The answer should be obvious. Where sin is tolerated – even encouraged – the line must be drawn. A dilemma presents itself when one takes the side of God’s Word knowing that friendships and/or family relationships may be damaged in the process.

It’s a hard one. Especially when accusations are hurled and one’s faith walk is challenged.

I know that in my situations, Christians are being held to impossible standards. The accusers have ridiculous   expectations as to how Christians are supposed to act and when they don’t, well, it’s another mark against Christianity in general. The expectation, I might add, is that if a Christian isn’t a doormat then they’re hardly worthy of calling themselves one. In other words, I’m supposed to accept these situations, do what everyone tells me to do, smile, and keep my mouth shut. A doormat.

Ain’t gonna happen.

I don’t have the answer yet, but I am confident that God, in His infinite wisdom, will show me how to respond.

Until next time . . .

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