Those who write, must.

I borrowed the quote for this post’s title from a book called The Writer’s Compass, by Nancy Ellen Dodd.

Before I forget, what’s with writers and actors and singers using all their names? Like people actually say “Hey, Neil Patrick Harris!” or “How’s it going, Nancy Ellen Dodd?” when they talk to them. Just had to rant about that a bit.

Back to the quote: Those who write, must.

I understand that. Really. But man oh man, it’s hard work. For the past two days I have plastered myself to my chair and forced my fingers to type. The result is 4,817 words of crap. Yes, I admit it. But it won’t always be crap. I have also stuck a lime green 5.5″ x 8″ Post-It note on my printer that says “Save the editor for when you are editing”. Also a quote from The Writer’s Compass. That’s the hardest part. I want to turn the crap into something profoundly literary right away, but I know from experience that I have to let the words come when the words want to come, or I’ll lose it all. The profundity can wait.

So, yeah, back to the writing.

I think I am getting a handle on what this story is actually about, which is actually not what I thought it would actually be about. 🙂 (A writer once told me to go easy on the “ly” words!) Oh, the fun parts of the story are still there – the magic, the creatures, the mystery – but the reason for it all has changed quite a bit. My lovely MC (main character), Emily, has surprised me with a lot of insight, and I’ve found that she is considerably more complex than I’d originally thought. It is because of her that I’ve adjusted the premise. Time will tell where we go with it.

The main thing is that I am writing – not as much as I would like to have done after two days, but I am writing. And that’s a good thing.

A very good thing.

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