I Actually Wrote

Yes, I did.

Yesterday, as I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee in my favourite coffee shop, I opened my notebook and began to write yet another beginning. Oh, just to be clear, all these beginnings are not beginnings for new stories. I’m just trying out different ones for my current novel. I think I hit on a good one.

The ever-present dilemma is trying to decide where to begin the story. Should I go way back a few generations and start in a place that is so long-forgotten that no one really cares? Should I jump right into the middle where the action is and let the reader figure it out themselves? Or should I begin with pages and pages of descriptive trash? You get the picture. It’s important to start at exactly the right place. A little bit of background – just enough to keep the reader reading. A little bit of mystery to suggest the promise of a can’t-put-the-book-down story. And a little bit of action to keep things interesting. It has to be perfect.

So . . .

I have my heroin in possession of a Book that puzzles her. It’s old, it’s hand-written in a language she doesn’t recognize, and strange things happen when it’s opened. Hmmm. She’s convinced there is an opportunity here, but she’s also slightly apprehensive about what could result if she pursues it. She gets a pretty obvious sign, however, and she can’t resist. The adventure begins when she and 6 boys (her brothers and cousins) join forces.

Time to download all I that’s in my head concerning The Bond of Seven.


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  1. I rejoice with you, Wendy. I know just how exciting the writing can be, how much fun trying out new beginnings and new voices is. Keep it going. Your novel sounds so engaging. I can't wait to hold it in my hands and read something you've written. Thanks for sharing with us how it's going. I look forward to updates.

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