The End . . . and The Beginning

The End comes before The Beginning.

The End is today, the last day of business at RaphaBooks. I contemplated locking the doors for good when we closed yesterday just so I wouldn’t have to say goodbye today. It would have been done. Over. Finished. Without any fanfare or emotional drama. But good sense got the better of me and I realized that I would sell off a whole lot more inventory if I opened for this one last day. So open I will.

The Beginning comes tomorrow. Or maybe after next week’s packing and clean up. For the first time in my adult life, I won’t have a job to report to at a certain time every day. I won’t be responsible for raising babies or little children. Wow. That’s profound. Don’t misunderstand: I have lots and lots and lots on my plate and I’ll be quite busy with everything I’ve got planned. The point is that it’s a beginning. A new season to carve and find out where I fit. I’m rather excited about it because I know that the Lord has a purpose for me in all of this. How cool is that!

So, goodbye wonderful customers. I will miss you more than you know. Thanks for brightening my day, for praying with and for me, for sharing your lives. I am richer for knowing you. And goodbye, not so wonderful customers. I won’t miss you (or your out-of-control children) at all, even though I’ve learned a lot about human behaviour from watching you!

I pray blessings and abundance in all things for every person who has walked through our doors during the past three years.

The End . . . and The Beginning!


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2 responses to “The End . . . and The Beginning

  1. All the very best on your new beginning, Wendy. I pray it's everything you hoped it would be and so much more.

  2. One door closes, another opens…I wish you joy and peace as you walk through that open door. Good job, Wendy.

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