With less than two weeks until our final day of business at RaphaBooks, I am amazed at the change in many of my customers’ behaviour. Something about the words “Closing Sale” seem to bring out the worst in people.

There are the questions and comments I’ve heard lately:

“Is there any more discount on this?” (75% off is not enough?)

“When will you be giving away the stuff you don’t sell?” (I’m already giving it away!)

“Why are you closing? Bad management?” (I just about punched that guy.)

“Are you hiring?” (Gotta wonder about some people.)

“Can you hold all this stuff for me until your closing day? You’ll be selling at 90% off by then, right?” (Not a chance, lady.)

“So you missed God by opening this store, huh.” (Nope.)

“I can’t believe you’re closing! This is such a great store.” (Comment from a FIRST TIME customer who said she walks by the store every day and never came in until now.)

Then there are the spoiled and screaming kids who feel they must touch every single item in the store, the cheapskates who never purchase anything more than $1.99, those who continually ask to use the washroom when I have a sign that CLEARLY states No Public Washroom, the ones who want bus change for a $100 bill, etc.

Aren’t you going to miss my bookstore stories?


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2 responses to “ARGH!

  1. No, I'm not, Wendy. You're talking about real life, and I got a kick out of the scenarios you shared (read: I laughed out loud). People are amazing, aren't they? I hope you're managing to keep a sense of humor about everything. I don't see how you can do anything but.Have a great last ten days or so. I hope all goes well.

  2. Where do you get these customers? Sheesh!

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