Thoughts on organizing . . . or not

I started tackling my office the other day (insert many frowns here). This may not sound like a big deal, but you know that TV reality show “Hoarders”? Well, my office isn’t quite that bad, but it definitely had potential to be a prime candidate.

Given the fact that I am moving my business into that very office by the end of this month, it’s time to get at the task of making it a pleasant place to work. I didn’t get very far the other day, but this morning was quite productive. Three boxes of garbage so far and I can even see small areas of bare desk surface. Still a long way to go.

During the course of purging and organizing, it’s interesting to note all the different places I have found old pictures, newspaper clippings, notes to myself, birthday cards from 1999, etc. Most of it is now trashed. And books. Lots and lots of books. Everywhere. And I do mean EVERYWHERE! I have begun stacking them against the wall in the hallway outside my office just to get them out of the way so I can organize everything else. You don’t want to know how many 4-foot high piles there are. And I’m not done yet.

This room both shocks and amazes me. Shock, because I am usually a fairly neat and organized person in every other area of my life. Amazement, because I allowed this room to get to this point. Maybe shame would be a better word!

The upside is that I am dealing with it.

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