I shouldn’t be surprised . . .

My brain knows this, but my heart keeps hoping that this time it will be different. I shouldn’t be surprised when the let down comes, but it hurts again and again and again. Lesson learned. Until next time.

I’ve given a lot of thought to this little matter of expectation. It’s all in our perception, I think. We have expectations of the people around us, but we fail to communicate to those people the full extent of our expectations. And vice versa. So this sets us up for disappointment after disappointment when our expectations are not met. We tend to set the standards for the other person unreasonably high – unfairly, of course – and then we’re upset when they fall short. The worst of it is, these are often the very people we are the closest to.

I know I am guilty here.

But I also know that I have a Heavenly Father who never lets me down. He loves me,is patient with me, and doesn’t kick me when I’m down. His expectations are communicated very clearly in His Word, and, there He also tells me what I can expect of Him. How cool is that? No guessing. No disappointment.

Thanks again, God! You’re so awesome.

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