More from the Store

The parade of human oddity continues to pass through my store.

Regular Customer who comes in 2 or 3 times a week: (holding up a CD) You don’t have this in DVD?
Me: No.
Customer: What about this one?
Me: No.
The customer sighs in exasperation and I simply shrug. She and I have had this same conversation dozens of times over the past year. I don’t carry music DVDs. My countless offers to order them in for her (prepaid, of course) are always met with a negative response. Oh well.

Passerby: (hands me a slip of paper with a phone number on it) I need to call this number.
Me: Ours is a business phone only.
Passerby: I know, but I just about fell down outside.
Me: Sorry to hear that.
Passerby: Just dial this number please.
Me: (Sighing, I hand her the cordless phone)
Passerby: I don’t know how to use cell phones.
Me: It’s not a cell phone. Just cordless.
Passerby: You will have to do it. I can’t see the numbers.
I punched in the numbers, she talked, and left the store.

Customer: (comes in with a bag of used books) Here you go!
Me: I’m sorry, we’re not accepting any more used books at the moment.
Customer: Oh. Well, I was just spring cleaning and wanted to get rid of these.
Me: Sorry.
Customer: All I want is to exchange these for one new book.
Me: Really, I can’t take any used books right now. I have no room for them.
Customer: Well, I really wanted that new Karen Kingsbury book.
Me: I have it here for $16.99.
Customer: No, I wanted it free.
Me: Sorry.
The customer looked at me in disbelief, took her bag of books, and left the store.

Man: I need to renew my car insurance.
Me: The insurance office moved across the street a year and a half ago.
Man: No way. I was in here last fall.
Me: Nope. We’ve been here since May 2010.
Man: (getting angry) You don’t know what you’re talking about.
Me: Since I’m the owner of this store, I think I do know what I’m talking about.
Man: You’ve got your dates mixed up.
Me: You’ll still have to go across the street for your insurance.
He left the store in a huff.

Kid: (touching everything in the giftware section)
Me: Can you read?
Kid: Yeah.
Me: (pointing to the many little signs on the shelves) What does that say?
Kid: Please do not touch.
Me: Good job! What do you think that means?
Kid: Not to touch it if you’re gonna break it.
Me: Close, but no. It means don’t touch at all.
Kid: But I’m being careful.
Me: Do you have enough money to buy any of this stuff?
Kid: No.
Me: Then no touching. Period.
Meanwhile, the mother was shopping elsewhere in the store, completely oblivious to her child’s inability to keep her hands to herself.

This could be construed as a frustrating customer day.


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3 responses to “More from the Store

  1. Wendy,Thanks for brightening up my day! In my line of work, when I get frustrated, I always like to quote the Proverb, "Where there are no oxen, the stalls are clean", but I don't know if that would apply to you in this situation… 🙂 Enjoy your day today!- Pastor Chris

  2. Wow, I'm sad I've missed the joy of meeting most of these customers…

  3. Great stories, Wendy. Fun to read. I'm sure I've suggested this before, but you may well stay in business long enough and have enough of these experiences captured on your blog to turn them into a book. Now that would be funny to read, one after the other.Hope all is well.

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