On the Canadian Federal Election

I’ve never purposed this blog to be political in any way, but there are times when the subject bears review. We Canadians voted yesterday – our fourth federal election in seven years. And the people of Canada chose Stephen Harper, once again, to be our Prime Minister. But this time he has a majority government, giving him the opportunity to do the job he was elected to do.

I’m kind of bothered when I read or hear comments from people calling Mr. Harper a dictator, a loser, or any number of uncomplimentary names. I post here a comment from a young cousin of mine:

“There are governments that are run by real dictators, full of genocide, child soldiers, civil war and real political oppression. If you’re that upset about Harper, sit down and talk to a refugee and THEN tell us how much Canadian government sucks…”

Well said.

Personally, I’m looking forward to a surging ahead of our great country, with Mr. Harper at the helm. Is he perfect? No. But the man has morals and values and a strong Christian faith that so many have let fall by the wayside, especially our leaders.

This is good.

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