Black and White

Why is it that there is no black and white anymore?

I see so much around me that is, quite frankly, appalling. What used to be immoral or inappropriate or just plain wrong isn’t anymore. And what used to be good and just and upright is considered politically incorrect or backward or religious fanaticism. People are always looking for a loophole – a way to live exactly as they please without having to make a decision on the right or wrong of it. The lines are blurred. Everything gets dumped into the bucket of gray area and it’s a disgusting mess.

The excuses are equally nauseating. “We’re all entitled to our opinions,” or “We just have to agree to disagree,” or “What’s right for you may not be right for me.” And then there’s the big one: “I don’t believe in religion so don’t force your views on me.”

Wait a minute. I’m supposed to just listen to you spout ridiculous drivel?

I’m kind of getting tired of this. I’m getting tired of listening to people talk circles around themselves and say absolutely nothing. I’m getting tired of seeing people fighting for “causes” and arguing for the sake of argument. How meaningless in the light of eternity. And I’m getting tired of tiptoeing around people who might get offended if I talk about God or speak His truth.

I’m sad – sad for people who are trapped in a life of mediocrity and a wishy-washy philosophy of life. No hope for the future and no hope for eternity. And they don’t even know it. I am sad for so many good people who truly believe they will end up in heaven after they die because, after all, a loving God would never condemn them to a forever in hell. Wanna bet? God has made the process very clear and very simple. But He leaves the choice up to us.

So go ahead and debate your issues, people. Find your loopholes and justify your gray area decisions. I pray they will be the right ones.

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