Book Review: Out Live Your Life

Max Lucado recently released his book, “Out Live Your Life”. What a breath of fresh air! Lucado has taken us back to the basics – to a place where we see once again the love and power of Jesus Christ in our lives, and in the lives of everyday people. The book encourages and challenges Christians to make a difference in the world, not to sit on the fence and watch the rodeo from the sidelines. We are meant for more. There is a hurting world out there – a world that needs Jesus. And we sometimes forget that we are the only Jesus people may ever see. Our lives are to be a reflection of His. Most of us are ordinary people living ordinary lives, but our God is definitely not ordinary! If we allow Him, He can work through us to do extraordinary things. Things that seem unimportant to us, but are huge for people who need. “Out Live Your Life” has challenged me to open my eyes, look around, and ask God to show me what He would have me to to impact my community. Who knows where that will lead! If you’ve grown weary of your life and feel that you’re stuck in a rut, read “Out Live Your Life” and get ready for exciting times. I highly recommend this book. I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Another good review, Wendy. Perhaps you should look at being a professional reviewer. Just an idea.

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