Writing Randomly

I am sitting here in my bookstore FREEZING! I have turned off the air conditioning for the time being and I’m sipping a cup of hot tea and I don’t even like tea all that much. It’s mango passion fruit flavour – I don’t like mango either. But the tea (laced liberally with sugar) isn’t too bad. At least it’s hot. Meanwhile, the temperature rises outside. In another hour or so, the sun will start beating into the front windows of the store (we face west) and that will be that for the no air conditioning and perhaps my toes will warm up.

We got our hot tub out yesterday and it’s on the deck all ready for use. Oh . . . I should mention that our hot tub is a 3’ x 6’ inflatable kiddie pool. Don’t knock it. When the temperatures are up there in the way too hot area, sitting on a comfy chair beside a pool of nice cool water to hang your feet in is nothing to mock. I even shaved my legs this morning in preparation. I know, I know, way too much information. The kids will also enjoy the pool, I’m sure. They are such water babies. But they all have such fair, fair skin that anything not completely covered in sunscreen burns to a crisp. They’ve already been through one or two skin sheddings this summer.

Oh man, I should be doing something productive. Not that writing is unproductive, but you know what I mean. I could be cleaning up the storage room in the back, or doing inventory, or washing the floors and windows, or working on a writing assignment (don’t even ask me about that), etc. It’s a slow one in here today. I had one customer in first thing this morning – a new one – who bought a used book for $3.99. Nobody since. This first week of July is particularly slow for retail everywhere, so I was expecting a bit of a lull, but this is ridiculous.

Hmmm – that cup of tea was pretty good. ‘Scuse me while I make another.

K, I’m back. Where were we? Oh yes, the slowness of retail in July. Yeah.

I’m kind of writing randomly, I think, and I hope that’s okay. I find sometimes that when you just let yourself ramble, you actually end up with something quite profound at the end of it all. I don’t much think that this will be one of those, but who knows.

I probably should be concentrating on writing something on a more serious note, but I don’t want to. Is it enough just to write?

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  1. mpr

    Loved this post b/c it kind of felt like we were catching up over coffee … or in in this case tea! Keeping writing your random thoughts 🙂

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