Walking in Love

We’re hearing a lot about “walking in love” these days. Seems like the phrase is coming up in a lot of sermons, Bible study discussions, and even in casual conversation. But what does it mean? I’ve been asking myself this question.

People like to grab on to the latest saying and then use it so much that it loses all meaning – if it ever had any meaning to begin with. My years in the corporate world saw a goodly number of these catch phrases and it drove me nuts sitting in meetings listening to everyone around the table sounding like they’d all lost their ability to use plain English.

Christians are no different. Hence, “walking in love”.

Here’s what I think.

Walking in love is NOT:
– dropping everything to do something every time someone asks you to.
– smiling and nodding every time someone takes a verbal shot at you.
– agreeing with everything everyone says just to keep the peace.
– bailing friends and family out every time they’re in trouble.
– being the kind of person everyone asks because they know you won’t say “no”.

Walking in love IS:
– making yourself available to help when there is a need. Keep your eyes open and off yourself.
– responding firmly, but not with revenge in mind. You are not a doormat, but you’re not out to even the score either.
– being kind instead of snarly. Nobody likes being around a grouch.
– helping family and friends find solutions to their troubles so they can help themselves and others next time. You’re not helping if you always do it for them.
– saying “no” when you need to. You can’t be everything to everyone.
– saying what God says. Keep your mouth shut until you figure out what that is.
– being happy when your friends and family attain a goal instead of criticizing them behind their backs. Enough said about that.
– being patient with others who aren’t on the same page as you are. Even though you think you know it all, you don’t.

Bottom line: All of this living life business isn’t about you at all. Look beyond yourself and readjust your focus.

The list is by no means exhaustive. I know that walking in love covers a whole lot more. But it’s a starting point for me, and I hope it can be for you too.

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