Make My Day

Yes, I know I haven’t blogged in a long time. No excuses except that nothing has come to mind that would be blog-worthy. Until today.

I had the privilege of connecting with a wonderful man this morning. I had dropped my grandson off at school, stopped to pick up an Egg McMuffin for breakfast, and was on my drive to work. Half a block away from a red light, the driver of a black Jeep coming from the opposite direction thought it would be a good idea to cut right in front of me to turn into a small shopping centre parking lot. I had a choice. I could slam on my brakes or hit his passenger door. I braked – hard – and laid on the horn at the same time. The driver (a 40-ish “gentleman”) gave me the nastiest of looks and squealed his way into the lot. I said out loud, “Lord, bless him today.”

Well, several seconds later as I was stopped at the red light, the black Jeep pulled right up beside me. The driver rolled down his window, yelled some unmentionable words and gestured meaningfully. Again, I asked the Lord to bless him. The man was obviously having a bad day. The light turned green and that was the end of it.

Several blocks later, as I parked at my store and walked up to the front door, a vehicle stopped beside me. The driver (a real gentleman this time) told me he had been right behind me and saw everything that had happened with the black Jeep. He was appalled that the driver had become so angry at me when that very driver was the one at fault. I appreciated having this second man stop and confirm that the incident was exactly as I had seen it.

So, Mr. Driver of the Black Jeep, I know you’re probably still ticked off about what happened this morning. I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but it must be bad enough that you were angry before you and I even crossed paths. I’ve asked God to bless you today – to send people into your day who will bring peace and joy. I pray that God makes your day!


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2 responses to “Make My Day

  1. Wow! On top of everything else that went on today, Wendy, you had this experience, too? Unbelievable. Thank God no one was hurt.Your response under these difficult circumstances shows just how strong and generous you are. You could have met his anger with your own, but you asked God to bless him and to help him through the rest of his day. Bravo! You're stronger and more generous than I would have been had the same thing happened to me. Believe it or not, you've set an example for me and your readers here. Thank you for this post and for taking the opportunity to teach us how to respond in such situations. Your grace is enviable.

  2. Well played sis, or should I say well prayed.

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