What if?

For your thinking pleasure on this fine Saturday.

What if you were 6 inches taller? Or shorter?

What if you lived in the Australian Outback instead of where you live now?

What if you’d been born into a circus family?

What if your family “car” was a Hummer?

What if you were a math professor at Harvard University?

What if you were a rock star?

What if you’d been an exchange student to Greece and ended up staying there?

What if an acquaintance left you $7 million in their will – and the guardianship of their 5 children?

What if you were 13 again?

What’s my point to all of this, you ask? There isn’t one. Have a great weekend!


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2 responses to “What if?

  1. mpr

    LOVE the new blog design!

  2. Lots to think about here, Wendy. I think I might be better off in some of these scenarios, while, in others, not so much. But it's fun to fantasize, huh? Makes me grateful for what I have. I bet that was the point of this post, and you just didn't want to tell us.

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