Trying out Names

I am trying out a new title for my blog. I haven’t completely settled on one yet because I have to see how the options look on the screen. It’s kind of like baby names. You have to write down the faves in all the spelling variations, hook them up with middle names and your surname, and then go with the one that looks right. I am a firm believer in settling on that perfect name BEFORE the babe arrives. How odd to enter the world having to wait until your parents make a decision. Come on! They’ve had nine months.

Well, here I go again. Straying from the topic at hand. If you’ve just recently tuned in to this blog, you’ll soon find that happens a lot. There is really no rhyme or reason to these posts. I write what I feel like writing and the topics can vary from the deeply spiritual, to the highly profound, to the just plain silly. Simply depends on what thoughts are rambling through my brainy terrain at the moment I start writing.

Why does that happen? she asked, and I said, because it just does. And because I had pizza for breakfast.

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  1. In my comment last night, Wendy, about name choices for your blog, I was going to suggest changing it to something, even if it wasn't the name you ultimately ended up with, but I forgot to include that. I'm glad to see you've done it. Something else that I believe is significant here is that, by changing the name, I think you want to change the relationship you have with your blog too. Perhaps this isn't so much a case of matching the name to what your blog has always been, so much as changing the name to better reflect the repurposing of your blog. Maybe unconsciously you've decided to reinvigorate your blog with lots of new material of varying subjects–according to the emails you've sent me recently about writing whatever you damn well please–and the new name will inspire you to use your blog for that purpose.Whatever the reason, I think this is a new beginning for you. I look forward to many good posts from you in this location.Have fun.

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