The To Think List

As I enjoy my second diet Coke of the day, I am reminded of stuff. It’s all a little hazy and disconnected, but who really cares? These are my thoughts after all.

So . . . I decided to make a “To Think” list. You know, it’s like a “To Do” list except not really. You never get everything on your To Do list done because you never have enough time to finish it all. A To Think list is much easier. You can check them off one by one during those times you’re stuck waiting to do something else. Like while you’re driving (since you can’t talk on your cell phone anymore unless you have a handsfree thing), or when you’re waiting for an appointment (instead of reading the July 2001 issue of Time magazine), or while waiting in line at Wal-Mart (because the people ahead of you can’t read the sign that says “this lane only 10 items or less”), or when you’re in the shower (especially early in the morning when you can’t sing because other people in the house are still sleeping).

Anyway, I concluded that if I make a To Think list I won’t forget to think about the things that need further thinking. Know what I mean? My To Think List includes critical issues such as:

– Should I remove the 6 weeks of dust accumulation on the TV stand before Molly Maid comes to clean the house?
– When my car’s fuel indicator states I have 19 km left before empty, can I make the round trip from my house to the church via Mom’s house without having to get gas?
– Is it really worth the expense to order custom-fitted muzzles for my precious grandsons so that the 4 minute drive to school every morning is delightfully quiet?
– Should I spend the money I received for Christmas on new shoes, a 2TB hard drive for my computer, or paint for the family room?
– What’s the best way to tell some of my customers to leave their bratty kids in the car without saying “leave your bratty kids in the car”?

And for my dear readers that believe I have truly slipped over the edge this time, well, why don’t you put that on your very own To Think List. Have fun pondering.

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One response to “The To Think List

  1. Cute, Wendy. I like the attitude that comes across here. You and I are alike in so many ways.So…when you defined what a To Think list is, I had thought you'd go in a different direction. I find most of the thoughts I have during the day are not exactly the most positive and uplifting. So I expected you to say that your To Think list would include more positive thoughts that you need to remind yourself to have, so that your inner dialogue is more constructive, more what you need to bring into your life.I love what you wrote here, don't get me wrong. I just looked at it from my perspective and considered what I would put on my To Think list. I never have a problem thinking about the negative things in my life, the things that constantly inconvenience me, the things that tick me off about circumstances and people, even about myself. But I always have a problem looking at everything in a more positive way. Those are the items I would benefit from putting on my To Think list, the things I really need to give serious thought. I think the To Think list is a great idea. And you're right, it would be so much easier to accomplish than a To Do list. Nice post. It got me thinking.

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