For some unfathomable reason, there are Those who believe I must talk, act, and simply be a certain way. And that certain way is to be just like Them. They seem to think I’ve lost the rule book and They have taken it upon themselves to instruct me. At least that’s what They used to do.

Now They just ignore me.

I’ve become invisible to some of Them. Maybe it’s easier for Them to pretend I don’t exist because to do otherwise would mean They might have to get to know me. They don’t have time for that. They don’t have time for anyone who is not the same as They are.

I don’t know why They think Their way is right. And I don’t know why They want me to be someone else. I think if They really knew my heart, They would understand and appreciate the unique person I am.

I kind of feel sorry for Them. I knew some of Them before They were molded into sameness, and I really miss the way They used to be. They have forgotten what it was like.

I don’t try to change Them. I don’t even talk to Them very much. They are too busy being the same to notice the ones who are different.

And isn’t different what makes life so good?


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2 responses to “Them

  1. I appreciate you, and I don't want you to be anyone else. You wouldn't be you otherwise.

  2. Different is exactly what makes life so good. Imagine how dull everything would be if we were all alike. No thanks. I can't go there. Our differences are what allow us to learn about other people–and about ourselves, too. Without our differences, we'd all be one dimensional, and who wants to be that? I'm on the same page as Anonymous. Wendy, I appreciate you too, and I would never want you to be anyone else. You are special and precious just the way you are. Don't go changing to fit in with anyone else. Be yourself all the way.

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