Aways Fresh, Always Tim Hortons

Like most real Canadians, I am a big fan of Tim Hortons. The coffee, the muffins, the Tim-bits. And like most real Canadians, a run through Timmy’s drive-thru is a part of the on-the-way-to-anywhere ritual.

Yesterday was no exception.

We were on our way to church and stopped for our usual two extra large decaf double-doubles and one extra large french vanilla cappuccino. All was right was the world until Wayne handed me my double-double and I noted that the liquid inside was not burning my hand as it normally does. I flipped open the sippy flap and tested the contents.

Lukewarm. Barely room temperature.

As we were still stopped at the drive-thru window, Wayne tapped on the glass to get the attention of a Tim’s employee. (Good to mention here that the line-up behind us was getting longer by the minute.) When the window opened and we brought to their attention that the two double-doubles we had just received were not even remotely hot, there was much ado amongst the staff. I mean, how long does it take for half a dozen people to come to the conclusion that the coffee they just served to a customer was cold. Finally, a woman asked us to pull ahead and park in the lot until they could brew a new pot of decaf and bring us fresh coffees.

I know from experience that this takes 7 minutes.

i told her we were in a hurry and could they please just give us regular coffee instead. They complied quickly, apologizing over and over.

While we appreciated the apologies, there was a critical element of customer service missing here, especially given Tim’s famous slogan. What did they do to ensure my continued patronage? Nothing. No free coffee. No coupon for future visits. Not even a 10% discount.

Oh, I’ll keep stopping at Tim Hortons. I’ll keep ordering extra large decaf double-doubles. And I’ll probably even get the odd lukewarm brew.

Because after all, it IS mostly always fresh. And it IS Tim Hortons.

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  1. I understand your frustration, Wendy. Here's what I don't get. When a customer brings to the attention of an employee, at any location, not just Tim Hortons, that a product is not up to par, why do they have to get a bunch of employees involved, try to figure out what happened, get into a tizzy about everything? Why don't they simply take control of the situation, apologize as they rightfully should, and take immediate steps to fix it?In the case of your lukewarm drink, all they have to do is pour it out and make a new one right away. It's only a specialty drink. after all. No one died. And, yes, a gift certificate, or something like it, should be a given, as a courtesy for inconveniencing you and not noticing themselves that the quality of your drinks were not up to their usual standard. Because of our background with CIBC and INTRIA, and in customer service, you and I understand what customer service is all about, but so many people don't get it. It might be worth your while to write a letter to the head office of Tim Hortons, not necessarily to complain but to advise them of what happened.

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