Life inTime Slots

I’m learning to live my life in short time slots. No, really.

Potential activities are measured according to the available minutes between “you have to be there are this time” obligations.

Twenty minutes to get from the church to my house because Julie is dropping off the kids – I made it, and did NOT speed. Half an hour until I take Caleb to school – make sure the boys are eating breakfast, run upstairs to take a shower and get myself presentable for the day. Less than an hour until the store opens – take the sign out, boot up the computer, open the blinds, answer emails, submit special orders, vacuum the store, clean the nose-prints off the windows AGAIN, and customers are already coming in. Forty-five minutes until people start arriving at my house for home group – get the coffee ready, put out cups and plates and napkins, oops forgot to stop at Tim Horton’s for donuts (oh well, no food tonight), set the chairs out, pick lint off the carpet because I didn’t have time to vaccum, run through with a swiffer duster.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get my drift.

I am also learning that God is still there, even in my busiest times. Even when I am exhausted beyond belief (which seems to be a constant these days). I love that I serve the Lord who never leaves me. I love my life. I love the busy-ness of it. I love the people who make it so colourful.

Thank you, Lord!


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2 responses to “Life inTime Slots

  1. been a while since I have been here and it was good to catch up in blogerland…….I so understand. Lately I have just been busy 'figuring out my new life' and haven't had many 'I hear the angels singing' moments, but I just keep hearing his small voice telling me he is always here, i love the sound of that still small voice.

  2. mpr

    Well written and so applicable! I can totally relate 🙂

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