False Alarm

A phone call at 12:30 am is never good.

“Hello, this is ADT Security. We’ve had an alarm incident at your place of business and the police have been dispatched.”


Still groggy from being awakened from a very sound sleep, Jordan and I make our way to the store to see what’s going on.


That’s right, nothing.

We arrive at the same time as the police and everything appears normal. I unlock the front door and the security gate, go inside to turn off the wonky alarm, and all is well at RaphaBooks. The cop takes a look around and leaves. I call ADT to tell them it was a false alarm.

The only thing we could find out of place was a book that had fallen on the floor, perhaps setting off the motion detector in the process.

We lock up, go home, and I didn’t fall asleep again until 4 am.

There’s got to be a moral to this story, but I just can’t think of what it might be.



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2 responses to “False Alarm

  1. At least you got to go and see that all was well. I just got the phone call.

  2. There's no moral to what happened, Wendy–probably no greater meaning. It's just one of those things. The good news is that all was well at the store. Thank God for that.But I understand fully how frustrating this was. It's never fun to be woken in the night when you're asleep, and then to struggle getting back to sleep afterward.Sweet dreams, tonight.

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