The Mind of a 5-Year-Old

Caleb is spending the day at the store with me, and this makes for interesting conversation. And questions.

“Do grapes have juice in them?”
“What’s that spikey thing?”
“If I choke, will I die?”
“Do I have to drink coffee when I’m big?”
“Did you hear that beautiful music?”
“How many things are in a pair?”
“Do you think I’m excellent?”

My grandson has a mind that often reasons things way beyond his years, but he’s still a very typical little boy. He easily grasps complex concepts, yet misses the obvious. It’s an amazing thing to observe.

Caleb has already informed me that he feels he should get “bonus points” for being a good boy and that he’s too old for baby toys. He also told me quite seriously that I should know he is not perfect yet, but since I am very old, I should almost be ready for “perfecto”. I had to contain a chuckle.

The comments are priceless.

“I like it when people say ‘yes’ and ‘great’ all the time.”
“I only scribble a little bit when I colour.”
“I love meat, but not cheese, unless it’s on a pizza.”
“I’m so glad you have a picture of strawberries and chocolate on your wall.”
“I would like to have an alien for a friend.”

I just smile.


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3 responses to “The Mind of a 5-Year-Old

  1. Cute, Wendy. What a delight your grandson is. It must be so cool to see this little human being develop into the person he's meant to be. Thanks for sharing.

  2. "Do you think I'm excellent" LOVE LOVE LOVE this. The question we really all want to ask, but have lost the innocence that allows us to ask it! Beautiful! I think I am going to go and ask my Father that!

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