The Song

When the kids were young, I would always send them off to school singing a worship song. I’d stand at the door, start the song with them and could often hear them still singing half a block away. I knew that whatever song it was, it would keep going through their minds all day, and it was a way I could help them to keep their thoughts on God.

This method still works. Even for me.

Our church’s worship team learned a new song last night and the lyrics continue going through my head. Thank you, Israel Houghton and Chris Tomlin, for this amazing song.

I know who I am, I know who I am
I know who I am, I am Yours
I am Yours
, and You are mine
Jesus You are mine

I was running and You found me
I was blinded and You gave me sight
You put a song of praise in me
I was broken and You healed me
I was dying and You gave me life
Lord You are my identity

I am forgiven, I am Your friend
I am accepted, I know who I am
I am secure, I’m confident that I am loved
I know who I am
I am alive, I am set free
I belong to You and You belong to me

I’ve learned something during nearly 25 years of leading worship. The songs that come easily to the worship team (not necessarily the easiest songs) are the ones that are important to the church for that time. I love it when a song “clicks” with all the vocalists, the guitars, the piano – the harmonies are amazing and every instrument is in sync. That happened with this song last night.

I was blown away.

The words to the song are a simple affirmation of our place in Christ.

Even more precious was watching my almost three-year-old grandson Reece standing beside his Mommy on the stage as we rehearsed. He caught the words to the song very quickly and sang along with us at the top of his lungs, dancing, worshiping, and telling us that Jesus lives in his heart, in Namma’s heart, in Mommy’s heart, in Auntie Dodie’s heart, and in Mr. Jerry’s heart. Every time we finished singing, Reece would look at me and say, “One more time, okay?”

Thanks, God, for that blessing!


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2 responses to “The Song

  1. You forgot to mention that Jesus also apparently lives in the monitor at the front of the stage. It did my heart untold good to see Reece singing and dancing too!

  2. He had an awesome time with us! He wouldn't sing the song in the car though, because we "needed edybuddy"

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