Blueberries and Business Cards

We cleaned out our deep freeze once.

It needs to be done periodically and we try to make those events as few and far between as possible. I think we’re coming up to an overhaul soon. Sigh.

The last time we embarked upon this task – which, I might add, became a major family effort – we were shocked to find several objects that had apparently begun their existence as foodstuffs. We weren’t sure what they had become during their years of residency in the cold depths, so into the garbage they went.

We also discovered that a bag of frozen blueberries had broken open and scattered over the bottom of the deep freeze. Little purple balls coated in white frost – rather pretty, but very messy to clean up.

Amidst the blueberries, I found one of Wayne’s business cards – a business card from a job he’d moved on from years ago. We could only conclude that it had slipped out of his shirt pocket as he’d bent over to fish out a long lost loaf of bread or package of ground beef.

This got me thinking.

One day I will write a children’s story about the adventures of the world in the deep freeze.

Blueberries and Business Cards.

Hmmmm. . . .


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2 responses to “Blueberries and Business Cards

  1. I remember that day. I think we ended up with more in the garbage than what ended up back in the deep freeze…

  2. What a great idea, Wendy. I love this story. As I read along, I found myself asking how it would end, and I was delighted with its conclusion. The wonder of the freezer.

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