I ask for nothing more . . .

Yesterday I went away from Tuesday morning prayer the church feeling as though God and I had had a really good talk. Not that I don’t normally have good talks with God, but yesterday was different. There was a deeper connection, and some things got settled in my spirit. Know what I mean?

There was no static on the line.

I enjoyed the presence of the Lord without interference.

I did not feel at all compelled to pray for myself, or to ask for anything material of the Father. I simply worshiped Him.

And let Him talk for a change.

He has some pretty awesome stuff to say if you just shut your mouth and listen.

I can’t tell you everything I heard because much of it was Spirit to spirit. I knew the Lord was speaking to my heart – things that will come to my understanding in due season. It was an intimate one on one time with my God.

When it was time to go, all I could say was “Lord, I ask for nothing more than to know You.”

Is there anything greater?


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2 responses to “I ask for nothing more . . .

  1. Nothing is greater than that!

  2. That is the wellspring of our life, and it is so close at all times! Why are we ever thirsty, hey?

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