Lost Relationships

I got to thinking today about lost relationships. We all have them. You know – those people who were so close to you at one time. Then you slowly lose touch with them for one reason or another, and now you don’t even know where some of them are.

I’ve been blessed to have a number of good friends over the years, but it’s a bit disturbing to realize that I no longer have contact with some people who I thought would be in my life forever. And others – well – it’s been so great to reconnect with them on Facebook!

As hard as it is to lose friends, I think the most difficult lost relationships are those with family members. Especially when there is still a measure of contact.

We all go our separate ways and often grow apart. I understand that.

It’s still hard.


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2 responses to “Lost Relationships

  1. Wendy, your blog is visibly beautiful, and what you have to say is right on the mark. Keep sharing. I love the positive energy that comes from what you write.

  2. Rick, thanks for your encouragement – means a lot!

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