Morning Coffee Thoughts

I am really enjoying my dark roast Columbian (with mocha creamer) this morning.

I am also really enjoying some quiet time with God. Well, the first part wasn’t so quiet. I got to the store, opened up for business, and prayed. Rather loudly. I know God isn’t deaf, but sometimes I just need to hear myself telling Him how much I love Him! Something about those words . . .

Anyway, it’s quiet now. I am listening. And the Father is speaking.

Read Psalm 34. The whole chapter. I was pulled in with the first verse, “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

I looked up the word continually in the dictionary and the meaning was stated as: without ceasing or intermission – always, habitually.

This doesn’t mean I go around repeating “Praise the Lord” every waking moment. It does mean, however, that my very life should be glorifying God continually – without ceasing or intermission. Every word I speak should reflect the character of the Father and His Word.

I don’t even want to think about how many times my life and my words have not been a reflection of my Awesome God.

But . . .

I am getting better at listening to His voice – hearing His gentle instructions. And I am so glad He isn’t done with me yet.

Time for the second cup of coffee.

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