It was the Broccoli

When the inhabitants of our house grew increasingly afraid to open the fridge, I started thinking it was time to clean it out. The odor was quite obnoxious. Eye-watering even.

I’ll stop here to clarify something. I do NOT normally wait until the gas mask stage before undertaking this daunting task. It hasn’t even been that long since the last time. But something got lost in the depths and decided to rot its sorry life away.

It was the broccoli. At least it used to be broccoli.

And a couple of limp cucumbers. Very limp. Nearly liquified.

Graphic enough for you?

I won’t bore you with the details except to say that the fridge is now spotless, the dead food is gone, and peace has been restored to the Beaniverse (inside joke there). Thanks Jordan, for helping me, even though you were dry-heaving throughout the process.

The moral of the story? I could say a lot of things here – draw parallels and such – but I’ll be brief.

Get rid of the broccoli while it’s still recognizable.

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  1. I can attest to the fact that the fridge did indeed smell like something crawled into it to die. I am so thankful that what died has now been put to rest and we can open the refrigerator free of fear!

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