The Friday Report

When our kids were in elementary school, they would bring home “The Friday Report”, which was their own recap of what they’d accomplished during the week. This was a stroke of genius on the part of the teacher who invented the practice, and I always loved reading the kids’ perception of the week’s events.

I adopted this idea into my corporate life, and years ago began to submit The Friday Report to my various superiors. This gave them a concise rundown of my activities during the previous week, and kept everybody on the same page. It worked well throughout my career.

Today, I feel compelled to generate a Friday Report. It’s been a challenging week in so many areas of my life and I’ve had to stand, stand, STAND on God’s Word. My Friday Report is filled with the assurance that the Lord is still in control, He knows what He’s doing, and I have no business worrying or stressing out.

This life is not about me. I am here to glorify my Father – to do HIS will and follow HIS purposes, not mine. Without Him, I am nothing. Period. But in Him, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

How awesome is that!

So this Friday, I am reporting the goodness of God.

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