A Bit of Spring Cleaning

It all started with the dishes.

My kitchen was under consideration to be declared a disaster zone but I felt that I could handle the clean up on my own, so I canceled the 911 call. I mean, how hard could it be to unload the dishwasher, reload it with as many dirty dishes at it would hold, wash the rest of them manually, move and scrub under all the small appliances on the counter, sweep the floor, and ta-da! Well . . .

I opened the cupboard under the sink to toss a few things in the garbage and wondered if I had perhaps discarded the 911 idea a little too quickly. I swallowed, rolled up my sleeves, and took a deep breath. Half an hour later, the cupboard under the sink is a bright and shining thing. Exhale.

As I put my kitchen to rights . . . you knew a sermon was coming . . . I see how it is with my life in Christ. The mess in the kitchen didn’t happen overnight, just as the junk in my life didn’t get there in one fell swoop. If I clean up the kitchen properly every day, it’s easy to stay on top of it. In the same way, staying diligent in daily prayer and meditation of God’s Word keeps me sharp spiritually – without a lot of junk clouding things.

Think about that.

Hmmm . . .

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