The News on Clara Rose

For the multitudes who have been wondering about news on Clara Rose Bosworth, this post is for you.

I think I’ve mentioned that Clara is a librarian – yup – wears glasses and everything. The whole library thing will probably come in handy later on when Clara will need to do some extensive research on a long-ago person who shows up in a very strange way. Being unaccustomed to anything out of the ordinary, this doesn’t bode well with our girl. The “why” of it all is key.

Clara isn’t an easy one to get to know. She keeps to herself and doesn’t share much about herself with anyone except a few close friends. Well, only one close friend. As a result, I’m having a hard time getting inside her head. She’s fiercely stubborn and intensely private, and she is still viewing me as a hostile intruder. I’m hoping to change that soon. Clara will realize soon enough that I really do have her best interests at heart.

We’re going to work well together, Clara Rose.

We’ll see how it goes.

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