Smiley Things

I got thinking about smiley things. You know, those things that make you smile in spite of yourself and help you to remember how truly blessed you are.

Some of my smiley things (even the silly ones) are:

1. Watching Kelsey’s tummy move as her baby stretches and grows.
2. Hearing Joshua’s little voice on the phone asking, “Do you miss me, Grandma?”
3. Getting a Facebook message from an old friend.
4. Hearing the phone ring and seeing Wayne’s number on call display.
5. Waking up and seeing that it’s only 4:30 am and you have 2 more hours to sleep.
6. Breath-right strips.
7. Customers coming into our store and staying for an hour because it’s so peaceful.
8. Reece’s artwork on my wall.
9. Jordan’s giggles over yet another noise, which shall remain unnamed.
10. Mom’s “love pats”.
11. Micron pens.
12. And Moleskine notebooks.
13. The internet.
14. Seth’s shetland pony jokes.
15. Tim Horton’s.
16. The long conversation I had with Mike on the phone a few weeks ago.
17. Julie’s cheesecake.
18. Watching Emily totally absorbed in reading “Charlotte’s Web”.
19. -40 C in Saskatchewan . . . when I am in BC.
20. My friend, Sarita.
21. Rockin’ praise and worship.
22. Remembering Dad’s advice on just about everything.
23. Microsoft Excel.
24. Tums.
25. Listening to Caleb reason out the weirdest things.
26. Angela Hunt, Nancy Moser, Robin Parrish, Davis Bunn, and Robert Whitlow.
27. Debit machines.
28. INTRIA, because they eliminated my job.
29. My cousins, Cris and Kim.
30. The finished work of Jesus Christ – my salvation. Wow.

That was kind of a random list, but then I can be kind of a random person at times. And no comment from the kids.

I feel smiley!

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  1. Oh, I made the list, now I feel smiley too!

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